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Things to Know

when hiking to Carpenter Mtn fire lookout
  • The wind is often blowing at the lookout and it is several degrees cooler…even in comparison to the trailhead. So, after a few minutes your body begins to cool down and you can get quite chilly. Dress appropriately.
  • People sometimes forget that their dogs will be quite thirsty upon reaching the lookout. Bring them water, as well. There aren’t any streams along the trail. Although, the dogs will sometimes find the spring on their own before it has dried up.
  • Please remember the fire lookout works AND lives atop Carpenter Mtn so do not disturb by visiting at too early or too late an hour.



I'm Rob Mutch an ecosystem photographer out of Eugene, Oregon, USA. Documenting the Pacific Northwest's ecoregions, ecosystems and ecology are my long-term goals.

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