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Carpenter Mountain F.A.Q.s

Most frequently asked questions at the fire lookout
How long do you stay at the lookout?

I typically start about late June and stay at Carpenter Mtn lookout until early/mid-October when the weather becomes consistently unstable and the fire danger is near zero. My schedule is 10 days on and 4 days off. Although, when the fire season gets going I will often work 2 of my 4 days off, so, my schedule is effectively 12 days on and 2 off.

How old is the Carpenter Mtn fire lookout?

The current structure was built in 1934. The first structure was a rock cairn and chair built In 1917.

What critters do you see?

I see many bird, mammal, and insect species. Some more than others. Some are locals that I see and hear each day such as Stellar’s Jays and some are not residents are just passing through such as Bald eagles. Some are very reclusive and I have only seen tracks such as Mountain lions. I have been compiling a master list of all living (flora and fauna) critters that I encounter at the lookout.

I'm Rob Mutch an ecosystem photographer out of Eugene, Oregon, USA. Documenting the Pacific Northwest's ecoregions, ecosystems and ecology are my long-term goals.

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