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Vlog/Video Logs

Portfolio of videos shot in the field
Birds are one of the most common species I encounter while photographing in the field. In my collection are 67 different species of bird from many different ecosystems: wetlands, forest, desert, grasslands, mountains and in all different seasons. “As I grew up I was fervently desirous of becoming acquainted with Nature.” ~ John James Audubon


American Prairie Reserve

Vlog – American Bison (Bison bison), American Prairie Reserve, Montana, USA

Carpenter Mtn Lookout

Vlog – Cascades Mtns Marine Layer at Sunrise, Carpenter Mtn, Oregon, USA

Blooming Ceanothus

Vlog – Blue-Blossom Ceanothus, Trinidad State Beach, California, USA

Crater Lake National Park

Vlog – Photographing Moonrise at the Pinnacles, Crater Lake NP, Oregon, USA

Oregon White Oaks

Vlog – Oregon White Oaks (Quercus garryana), William Finley NWR, Oregon, USA

Odell Butte

Vlog – Odell Butte fire lookout Overlook., Oregon, USA.

Lochsa River

Vlog – Split Creek Trail overlook of Lochsa River, Idaho, USA.

Avalanche Chute

VLOG, Avalanche Chute, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA.

Klamath River Overlook

VLOG – Klamath River Overlook, Redwood National Park, California, USA.

Orange Honeysuckle

VLOG – Orange Honeysuckle (Callospermophilus lateralis), Split Creek Trail, Idaho, USA.

Pumice Desert

VLOG – Field Video of Pumice Desert, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA.

Wedding Rock and Patrick's Point

Vlog – Wedding Rock and Patrick’s Point, Patrick’s Point SP, California, USA

I’m Rob Mutch an ecosystem photographer out of Eugene, Oregon, USA. Documenting the Pacific Northwest’s ecoregions, ecosystems and ecology are my long-term goals.

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