Oregon Fossils (2nd ed.) by Elizabeth L. Orr and William N. OrrIn an interview, William Orr (the co-author) said of his book, “It’s not the kind of book you curl up and read with a martini, but it is interesting…” However, you could most definitely kick your feet up and have a great beer. And, this book is far more than interesting…it’s fascinating to move through the eons as the lands and seas undulate and animals and plants evolve.

Oregon Fossils (2nd ed., Nov. 9, 2009) by Elizabeth L. Orr and William N. Orr gives a great overview of the rich fossils and evolutionary history of Oregon. There are plenty of maps, images, and side information on paleontologists.

Don’t let the many scientific names, fossil bed names and geological strata intimidate you. Just enjoy the general overall picture and let Oregon’s geological and evolutionary past wash over you.

This is a book you should definitely have on your bookshelf as a permanent reference and guide book…I will. Rob 😮

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